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The Family Caregiver’s Transition

Written by Alex Fiatoa

As our population continues to age and prosper, the topic of home care is becoming a prevalent conversation in households all across the country. And who better to step into the role of caregiver than a family member, someone who already has a foundational relationship with the client. On paper, it seems like a perfect fit; unfortunately, it is not that simple.

For many of us, providing care to those we love is a natural part of the family dynamic and is often expected when the moment comes. But what happens when the job becomes too much? Too many times we think that love is enough to ignore the negative effects of being a family caregiver such as the commitment of time, the physical and mental stress, as well as the financial implications. For someone that is unprepared to take on the role, the increased responsibilities can be extremely overwhelming. With that being said, we can’t just abandon our family, and so we stay silent and endure; however, there is a way to both provide care and still maintain your self-preservation, and that is to transition from care provider to care manager.

The truth is, providing care is a team effort and by trying to handle it alone, you are only setting yourself up for failure. By looking into alternative solutions, the workload can be divided and delegated, spreading out the responsibilities safely. These solutions include hiring a placement agent to guide the care process from beginning to end, hiring caregivers privately to carry out the care plan, having multiple family members volunteer their time or resources, or finding the right assisted living facility to handle all of the above. By utilizing all of the resources available, we prioritize our health and the relationship with the care recipient. With the introduction of a third party such as Your Home Assistant, you’re involving a team of professionals to discover and collaborate to find the best possible solution for the care of the client. By transitioning from care provider to care manager, we are still involved in the process,  but not at the expense of our own health.

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