Staff Spotlight

Linda Gibson

Director of Client Services / Company Compliance Manager

Hi, my name is Linda Gibson and I am most excited to be a part of YOUR HOME ASSISTANT! I serve in the capacity of the Director of Client Relations and Company Compliance Manager as well being a Personal Assistant. On the personal front, I have one daughter and three grandchildren, all of whom, I love to spend any of my extra time with.


As to my career to date, I have had two separate, but interwoven careers that fit perfectly with my positions at YOUR HOME ASSISTANT. I have master’s degrees in both Education and Nursing, which makes my position with YOUR HOME ASSISTANT ideal. As a teacher, I taught grade school children daily, interacting with all age groups, and then followed that career with my degree in Nursing. Having worked with toddlers to advanced seniors, I have mastered the skills of not only helping, but more importantly... listening.


My personal goal with YOUR HOME ASSISTANT is to enrich the lives of those I work with by meeting their individual needs, and hopefully, enhancing their lives more. I love the fact that we tailor every single thing we do to the specific needs of our clients and then figure out ways to help them even more.