Your Home Assistant

Growing Families

Your Home Assistant

Growing Families

Whether you have a single child or a houseful, there are always those occasions when an extra pair of hands sure would help! We are not babysitters, but we babysit. We are not maids, but we will tidy up the house. We are not hired drivers, but we will pick up the kids from school! As your Personal Home Assistant, we are what you need – when and where you need us!

Senior In Home Care in Sacramento, CA

We support you with the following services and more:

Childcare and Family Support

  • Dropping off and/or picking kids up from school
  • Transporting kids to and from extra-curricular activities
  • Help with virtual learning and/or homework
  • Taking children to the park or other suitable venues
  • Arts & crafts with the children
  • Taking children to a movie

Household Management

  • Housekeeping
  • Laundry
  • Breakfast, lunch, and/or dinner preparation
  • Running errands
  • Grocery shopping
  • Picking up or dropping off dry cleaning

Parental Support

  • Assistance during pregnancy
  • New parent assistance, including childcare
  • Toddler care
  • Communication with children’s teachers
  • Special event planning
  • Household management

Pet Care

  • Dog walking
  • Dog maintenance – at home wash or self-serve station
  • Taking dog to veterinarian
  • Cat and other domestic animal care
  • Pet grooming and hygiene
  • Supervising pet’s well-being

Event Planning and Transportation

  • Special event planning
  • Transportation of client in case of car problems
  • Party planning assistance
  • Managing transportation logistics for events
  • Coordinating special event arrangements
  • Ensuring client’s safe travel arrangements

Administrative Support

  • Phone call assistance
  • Scheduling and/or confirming appointments, family events
  • Communication with children’s teachers
  • Managing paperwork and organizing documents
  • Offering transportation assistance
  • Providing administrative assistance as needed