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Your Home Assistant is your all in one solution to all of your home care needs. We have tailored services to support Seniors, Growing Families, Outpatients and Professionals.

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All Personal Assistants are well vetted and trained in customer service to ensure our clients receive the best support and care possible. Your Home Assistant is licensed, insured and bonded to provide peace of mind.

Our research and vetting process ensures we are doing our part in providing a safe and trusted space for our clients.

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In-Home Seniors Care

At Your Home Assistant, we understand the importance of personalized support for seniors, which is why we prioritize treating our clients as individuals rather than patients. Our in-home care services are designed to enhance the quality of life for every stage, empowering seniors to remain in control of their own homes. 

From companionship and dementia care to post-hospital and chronic conditions support, we offer a comprehensive range of services tailored to meet the unique needs of each individual.

Whether it’s promoting independence through assistance with daily tasks or providing compassionate end-of-life care, our dedicated team is committed to delivering exceptional in-home care with respect and dignity. With Your Home Assistant, seniors can enjoy the comfort and familiarity of home while receiving the highest standard of in-home care.

In-Home Care for Families

At Your Home Assistant, we recognize the demands and challenges that growing families face, whether you have a single child or a bustling household. We step in as your Personal Home Assistant to lend that extra pair of hands precisely when and where you need them. While we’re not strictly babysitters, we provide attentive childcare services.

Although we’re not traditional maids, we happily tidy up your home. And while we’re not professional drivers, we’ll gladly pick up the kids from school or chauffeur them to their various activities. Our versatile support extends beyond these tasks, encompassing everything from household management to special event planning.

Whether it’s assistance with virtual learning, meal preparation, or ensuring your pets are well cared for, we’re here to alleviate the stresses of daily life for your growing family. With Your Home Assistant, you can count on reliable, adaptable assistance tailored to your family’s unique needs and schedule.

In-Home Care for Seniors in Sacramento

In-Home Care for Veterans

Are you a relative who is also a part-time or full-time caregiver for a senior in your family? Are you burned out with no time to do your own appointments, run your own errands, or you just need a much deserved break?Are you a relative who is also a part-time or full-time caregiver for a senior in your family? Are you burned out with no time to do your own appointments, run your own errands, or you just need a much deserved break?Are you a relative who is also a part-time or full-time caregiver for a senior in your family? Are you burned out with no time to do your own appointments, run your own errands, or you just need a much deserved break?

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Christine W

Our experience with Your home assistance has greatly enriched our lives. The business staff is professional but very personal. My mom loves her caregiver, she takes her to the District 56 senior center for activities. They have lunch and take walks. Mostly Krystal gives mom much appreciated companionship to let her "just be herself". Thank you for doing what you do .

Deanne C

I have been completely happy with the service, all the girls are so eager to help and give me great comfort. I really can't believe how much theyhave done for me. Cynthia is a dynamic person and takes such care and concern for all the girls. She also has great trust in all of them. Coming here has help me so much . Thankyou.

Tim K.

Well people I have been put in the needy place in life I am facing the end of the life I have had cancer for a few years now and it's going to my brain and time is running out. I had no help from my family so I searched out the internet and found "you're home Assisstant ". Cynthia made me feel like I was led right to her. The first call really how lucky was that. Anyway I thought I was a big deal but she made me so comfortable over the phone call and started working with on a plan. She came out and did her assessment and we found we had a relationship off the top. She told me what they could do for me. I said it was perfect. While I am suffering from a brain failure I was somewhat difficult to talk to. But she stayed with me and let me know people go through this all the time and she was sure we could work out any issues I hired her and she sent me a girl named Jamie who cleaned up for me even helped me with my bath. The best choice for me and now I am living a miracle and I don't have to have that much help. While I am still going to die I am completely comfortable and extremely grateful and happy I got to meet her and I think if you are in this stage of your life you can't go wrong with her.

Karen S

I'm grateful for Your Home Assistant! With my 2 elderly parents living with us, we needed to "build a village of support". Fortunately for us, I learned about "Your Home Assistant". The organization is amazing...with many thoughtful extras and careful offerings. What I really appreciate is that the caretaker works on our "to do list" in her extra time (i.e. when my parents are sleeping). Karena is our amazing caretaker. She is authentic, efficient, caring, careful, trustworthy and kind. My mom is really resistant to change but she is very accepting of Karena for even the most intimate of care. I highly recommend Your Home Assistant!

Rebecca J

I highly recommend Your Home Assistant! I was able to complete a few projects around my house with their help! They showed up with masks on, took their temperatures and washed their hands immediately. I was impressed by their protocol. They were courteous, ready to work and do helpful. We cleared out a room full of boxes, she did dishes, folded laundry, played with my 5 year old, vacuumed and picked up toys in 3 hours. Corporate called to check in the day after. I signed up with them for regular weekly service! This is the only in-home care company who can care for your senior, do lighthouse keeping, watch your kids, organize and do other tasks you have been avoiding, provide transportation, tutoring etc all under the same roof! you won't be disappointed

Marissa H

What if I told you that you could have an a mom assistant... andddd that if you wanted that mom assistant to help clean, she would insist that you do not clean up before she got there.. would you want to know more?? Ok here is some raw truth. I have gotten an F on my report card in the following areas: laundry, dishes, picking up after kids( gasp they suck at this one too. Kudos to the mamas that have figured it out. This post is definitely not for you), getting meals prepped, and remembering to get milk before the morning it’s due. I’ve had straight F’s probably for... forever in all of these. This picture sums up my solution. I found the answer. I found help. I saw Rebecca Johnson post that she had found help. It looked to good to be true. But I never block a blessing so I heard the presentation and said what the heck, I’ll drink the koolaid... because what if this actually was a thing. And It Was a thing!!! A person who will do my laundry, dishes, help pick up, not flinch when they see my dog just pooped on the floor( and peed four times earlier that day). AND does it without any shame, no judgement of my I flushed toilets and is there if I need my kids lunches made because I’m knee deep in paint from an art project I started. This is for real guys. Come to the other side of the rainbow. My laundry is allllllll done!!!!! I have been sternly told “No, you are NOT allowed to clean up before your assistant comes”... who says that??? My hero.. that’s who.. I made a choice for the new year. A choice to take care of me.. and realizing having someone help me in those areas where I just dislike the work or don’t have time was self care. I’m worth it and so are you!!!

Hada M

I am an Employee for YHA and my experience has been nothing short of extraordinary. Cynthia, Esterlee, and Alex are all very kind and helpful. They do a very good job at organizing our schedules and working around the availability I have. They answer any and all questions I may have very quickly. They really put in a lot of effort not only to be amazing office staff with everything work related, but also with showing their appreciation towards staff. They make sure that we as employees are having a good experience, that we have everything we need to be successful, and that our personal well-being is good. They show that they care for us, not only as employees but also as people.

Kayla P

Three words: Alicia is amazing! Let me explain: I cold-called Your Home Assistant because I was desperate for help. As a full-time working mom, I realized I needed help. I found your home assistant on Elk Grove Laguna Forums on Facebook. Cynthia (the business owner) and Esterlee came over to my house and listened to my needs. They matched me with Alicia who has been so helpful for me around my house. I am so glad that I called! Even when my house looks like a bomb went off, Alicia is able to clean, straighten, and organize things which help me feel less stressed at home. She is amazing, and I am so glad that I called this company. Everyone that I have talked to has been so wonderful and judgment-free! Thank you so much!


We used Your Home Assistant for in-home care when we lived in Wilton, CA. The company as a whole was very helpful, but what stood out to us was the caregivers themselves. This was our first time having someone that wasn't family provide care for my mother and we were nervous about how she would transition. That feeling was short-lived, with mom hitting it off with Julia immediately. It felt natural and if it wasn't for moving out of state, we'd still be with the company to date. Highly recommend!


This is an amazing company! They helped both of my elderly parents through one of the hardest times of their lives. My mom went through a major surgery and my dad was not able to support her fully on his own. The caregivers supported with different tasks: they picked up her medication, did hygiene care because she wasn't able to move very well, did all of the housework, made them breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and even took her to all of the follow up appointments. I was trying to balance my career and family and it was too much for me to handle if I had to care for them too. I am so grateful to Cynthia and Esterlee they were more than kind to me and quick to support my situation. They even went out and met both of my parents and talked to them for over 2 hours! My mom absolutely adores them. The office staff have even called and checked in multiple times! Both of my parents are doing well, and we decided to still keep the services because they enjoy all of the caregivers. They are so nice and knowledgeable. They've never been late to any of to any of the shifts and have built an amazing relationship with both my mom and dad. They continue to go above and beyond. I've recommended them to a few of my friends to support their parents or grandparents.

Kerry C.

I needed support at home after having surgery so I reached out and Cynthia and Esterlee supported me tremendously. They had Krystal come and help with my daily routine and transporting to dr. appts. They are all so kind and I highly recommend this company to anyone in need.

Eddie A.

my wife and i have been very fortunate to have been introduced to such a great company . i have been paired with two very great assistance . niki was the first young lady who was such a polite hard worker . tonie being the second , is such a big help and very easy going its so comforting having the patience from them each in the time we have worked with them . our daughters order us meal preps each month in which are frozen dinners , however my wife loves having tonies hot cooked fresh meals they get along so great we love having your home assistant around .

Alejandro P

I like our house assistant and how helpful she is. I'm especially impressed with how management stays in contact with us to make sure we are satisfied with the services.

Alicia C.

Your Home Assistant was extremely helpful when my mom needed support after she broke her leg. They brought her food, supported around the house, took her to and from doctors appointments, checked up on her three times a week and even helped her with her exercises. My mom and I are extremely thankful that your home assistant was there for our situation! My mom even continues to use them for ongoing support with her household needs. I'm glad she has them, as my workload doesn't permit me the time to support her as I would like. Thanks YHA!

Leslie T

The management staff at Your Home Assistant are wonderful. They are all very helpful. Someone always answers the phone, or returns my calls quickly. Their focus on making the client happy and comfortable is evident in the way their employees work. I had an immediate need for an overnight caregiver and they found someone immediately. Brittany Natividad is excellent: the angel my mom needed during her last days. Brittany is so loving and does excellent work.


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