As a professional, it can seem like there are never enough hours in the day. We are here to help by adding that extra time you need by taking on those endless tasks outside of the office. All the sample services noted under Growing Families also applies here, as well as the additional services below, and more:

  1. Shopping

  2. Waiting for a delivery

  3. Letting a professional worker in to repair something in your home

  4. Taking paperwork or packages from your office to someplace else

  5. Housekeeping

  6. Laundry

  7. Lunch preparation for the following day

  8. Phone call assistance

  9. Scheduling and/or confirming appointments, family events, more

  10. Running errands

  11. Grocery shopping

  12. Picking up or dropping off dry cleaning

  13. Party planning assistance

  14. Household management

  15. Setting the table for a private dinner at home

  16. Prepping or making a dinner (for two)

  17. Dog walking

  18. Dog maintenance – at home wash or self-serve station

  19. Taking dog to veterinarian

  20. Cat and other domestic animal care

  21. Overseeing other home staff

  22. Tidying up the home

  23. Decoration for a party

  24. Special event planning

  25. Transportation of client in case of car problems

  26. Loading/unloading dishwasher

  27. As well as all services noted under “Growing Families”