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How It Works

YOUR HOME ASSISTANT is transforming the home care industry. We have created an easy, affordable solution for those who need an extra pair of hands for what they need and when they need it. Our services are for all ages and a variety of needs. We specialize in assistance for our Senior Community, Growing Families, and Professionals. Our Personal Assistants are thoroughly trained to meet all your daily necessities.

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Together, we will assess your current situation and create a plan that best fits your needs. 

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A custom schedule will be prepared to meet your specific needs. No long term contract required!

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We will assign a personal assistant who is compatible with your needs and desired tasks.


Certified. Responsible. Compassionate.

All Personal Assistants are bonded with a thorough background check of all relevant information required to vet each employee. Our rigorous research includes confirmation of current driver's license and clean driving record.


Growing Families




Day or night, when you need us most, we are here for you!

Last-minute emergencies included.

Please contact us for more details regarding last-minute appointments, as well as extended time packages.


For Caregivers

Are you a relative who is also a part-time or full-time caregiver for a senior in your family? Are you burned out with no time to do your own appointments, run your own errands, or you just need a much deserved break?

YOUR HOME ASSISTANT is the answer!

We'll take over all of your care-giving duties for three hours, a full day, or even a week if you want to go on vacation! You can leave guilt-free knowing that your senior is in compassionate, reliable hands the entire time you are away.

Call us today for more details on our Extended Time Special Packages, including a full week or longer. We believe that you will be quite surprised at how cost-efficient it will be for you to take a break.


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Meet Our Founder & CEO

Hello! I am Cynthia Cuellar, the founder of YOUR HOME ASSISTANT. I thought I would mention a little bit about myself and why I’ve dedicated countless hours of research, speaking with mothers and fathers, school teachers, professionals from many fields, and more, all to acquire a true understanding of what is truly needed in every community...YOUR HOME ASSISTANT.  I am a working wife, and mother to three beautiful children, all currently under the age of 6, including a baby. As a working mother, who was also going to school for my MBA, there was a time we found ourselves in need of real help and nowhere to turn. My father-in-law needed our time and attention, and while we did try to accommodate him, I have always felt that we fell short in meeting his needs. I discovered during that time, that there were no local companies who could assist us with non-medical needs for a senior. I also found times that I could have just used that extra pair of hands for myself to help with laundry, loading the dishwasher, tidying up the house, do the grocery shopping, and so much more. These tasks all took me away of the care and time I wanted to be giving to my children when I was at home. That is where the seed of the idea began and I’ve spent the last few years fine-tuning the idea into a business that would meet all the non-medical needs for seniors, as well home assistance for growing families, and professionals who spend a great deal of time working, with very little time left for the everyday tasks at home. I have created a place everyone can turn to for that extra assistance at home, at cost-efficient rates, dedicated personal assistants, and a stellar caliber of care. We are YOUR HOME ASSISTANT!

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Client Stories

I have been completely happy with the service, all the girls are so eager to help and give me great comfort. I really can't believe how much theyhave done for me. Cynthia is a dynamic person and takes such care and concern for all the girls. She also has great trust in all of them. Coming
here has help me so much . Thankyou.

Deanne C. 80

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